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Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. Please check out the photos of some of our work. We hope that you’ll consider using us for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, entertainment center or other special woodworking project.

Paul Kelley Paul Kelley

I’ve always loved building things with wood . . . especially boxes, which, after all, are the basic elements of cabinets. Shaker designs have always been a favorite of mine because of their balance and simple beauty coupled with the Shaker principles of quality and functionality.

Kelley Custom Woodworks is a father/son partnership in which both of us have learned to respect and listen to the other. We enjoy the work that we do and take great pride in our product. We put a little bit of ourselves into every job we do. Each job is special to us and each job deserves special care and attention. Our reputation for attractive and quality work is very important to us. Perhaps these are the reasons why the product we produce is unique. With few exceptions, our customers come to us via referral from prior customers.

“Custom” is not just a word with us – it’s what we are, and we’re proud of it.”

Paul Kelley